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Leah Gomez

There are many debt collection agencies stating they provide international debt collection solutions, but very few of these agencies have direct international expertise. If you conduct business across domestic boarders and engage clients across the globe, outsourcing your debt collection or accounts receivable management services to a reputable debt collection agency with years of experience operating internally.

International collection agencies generally have local collectors on the ground that handle third party collections and accounts receivable management. By having local debt  collectors, international collection agencies have the knowledge, expertise and language skills to not only understand all the respective local laws and jurisdictions, but also country requirements and financial rules and regulations.

With the expanding use of Internet applications, international collection agencies are empowered to collect from your debtor-customers no matter where they are in the world.

International Collection Services Provide:

· Services that maintain the relationships between your clients and your business while at the same time working to resolve the debt issues you are seeking. Collection agencies that work worldwide acknowledge the need to maintain good customer relationships. Repeat business is the lifeblood of companies that work in the global workplace and keeping that relationship is very important.

· Third-party collectors give your company the ability to stand aside while they fight for payment on unpaid accounts. Look for an international company that is a member of the International Association of Commercial Collectors. You can rest assured that they know their business.

· Letter writing is the first step in collecting. Smaller balance accounts can be handled simply by writing direct and to the point letters – also known as letter of demand letter. Do provide collection companies acceptable terms, payment options and consequences.

· Subrogation recovery is used for insurance company collections that have unpaid premiums, fraudulent claims, and mitigation issues due to damages.

· Attorney forwarding is a services offered by international collection agencies when regular collection activities are unsuccessful in gaining payment on delinquent accounts. Attorneys are authorized to sue for payment, write stronger demand letters, and extend collection activities.

· If you need education on collections, there are international collection agencies that provide consulting for a better understanding on international collection practices. For example if you have a client in a South American country who refuses or is unable to pay their account, you have the service of an international collection agency attorney who is your representative in a foreign country, can review the laws, and determine the best means of collecting.

The collection industry is a much maligned industry and the negative feedback is not unwarranted. Overzealous tactics of a few collectors and agencies have painted the reputation of collections firms as aggressive, thieving and horrible. International firms advertise for appropriate industry oversight. They request that clients the permissions to reach debtors via phones, email, text messages and personal visits using professional and calm tactics.

Choosing the right collection agency to represent and partner with your business is an important fiscal decision. The collection agency that represents your company definitely affects the future and stability of your business. Look for a company that has many years of experience, a comprehensive set of collection services and practices, and educational seminars that provide you with the correct perception of a collection agency.

With our professionals working on behalf of our clients, Edge Recovery Group is able to produce real results abroad that wont’ cause financial trouble at home. Our international collection offices are a key asset that we offer to all of our clients with global operations.

For an up-to-date approach to International collection procedures and guidelines, Edge Recovery Group is the best option for companies collecting international debts.

If you have International claims you need collected contact edge recovery group.com first.

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