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The Truth About Debt Consolidation Loans

Firstly, what is a debt consolidation loan? A debt consolidation loan is often one of the first solutions that people who are unfamiliar with their options turn to when they are in financial difficulty as it may seem like the most logical (easy and simplistic) option. Like every route out of debt a consolidation option […]

Understanding Your Debt to Income Ratio

Your debt to income ratio can have a tremendous effect on your ability to get a loan. There are many factors that can affect your ability to secure a loan, and one of the biggest is your debt to income ratio. Those that head out to purchase a new car or even more importantly, to apply for a […]

Finding a Reliable Debt Settlement Company

Learn what really matters when choosing a debt settlement company Follow these recommendations for the best possible results in settling your past-due accounts. There are several criteria you need to examine before choosing a settlement company.  Let’s take a look at the important points of the settlement process and how settlement companies handle them: Method of Paying […]

Learn to save money in ways that allow you more freedom than you may think

Want to live your life with a little less worry?  Learn the basics of saving money and you’ll have the money for the day when something goes wrong.  An emergency cash fund is something many people do not have and it ends up costing them so much in the long run.  For example, when the […]

Necessities of Fair Business Collection

JL Martin lawyer : The Fair Business Collection Agencies Practices Act was functioning within the last 3 decades as part of the Credit Protection Act. FDCPA sets out specific stuff that debt collectors may and could not do when trying to gather financial obligations from customers. This Act has several primary points and particularly if […]

Power Prospecting

If you’re like most lawyers, you know the value of speaking with a prospective client over the telephone before your first meeting. This initial conversation allows you to introduce yourself, establish a cordial relationship, ask questions, and decide whether to invite this prospect for an in-person meeting. For these purposes, the telephone is a quick, […]

Medical Debt Collection

Medical debts are one of the largest segments of debt in the United States, with consumers owing significant sums to family practice clinics, dentists, chiropractors, hospitals, optometrists, and more. At Edge Recovery Group, we help our medical clients pursue collection of these debts in a way that is professional, timely, and amicable, ensuring that both our […]

How To Select A Collection Agency

Everyone is having a hard financial time. It is hard to make payments on time, to pay off bills that are due and pay new bills. But when bills go unpaid it is hard for businesses to make their own overhead cost and stay in business. This is when a business owner should consider using […]


Why use a collection agency? Most times, a person or company in debt will cooperate with the us when they have not been so cooperative with the creditor. This is because of third party intervention as they get the sense more people are getting involved and they understand that not paying the debt may effect […]

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